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by D. Dubois                                                                                                            

Heritages of Prejudice, by mysterious new author D. Dubuys, is a saga of imaginary personages and interracial relationships founded on historical data from civil records. Told in a mini-series format that spans over two hundred years, it begins in 1746 when Honoré Antoine de la Chaise leaves France to settle in the Louisiana Colony, a place of exiled criminals and prostitutes, and ends in 2005 with Hurricane Katrina affecting the lives of his descendants and those of slaves.

The beauty, danger and history of the region come alive in this novel filled with lush landscapes, episodes of suspenseful events, and affairs of love, hate, desire, lust, incest, and homosexuality. Characters that evolve from the forced commingling of races are presented in such a way that humanizes their existence and justifies their heritages of prejudice.

by Theresa Crater

The Illuminati have opened a hole in time, and now Atlantis will fall and the water of Avalon will run dry. Anne Le Clair travels to Glastonbury with her fiancée, Egyptologist and mystic Michael Levy, to investigate a house she has inherited from a mysterious aunt...only to find trouble waiting. One of Avalon's sacred twin springs is failing. Together, Anne and Michael try to restore the water flow, but discover there is much more at stake: the Illuminati master Alexander Cagliostro has activated an ancient crystal tower, tearing a hole in time that threatens so much more than one sacred spring. Meanwhile, in ancient Atlantis, Megan, priestess of the Crystal Matrix Chamber, flees the destruction of her world carrying with herself a vital artifact.

by Erin Doran

A Mother’s Love is an incredible story of hope for every parent whose heart has been broken as they helplessly watch a sometimes tough and unforgiving world demand things that their sons and daughters simply can’t deliver.  This beautiful book will restore peace to the anxious hearts of the parents who will never stop fighting for their beloved “underdog.”

Contact the author at Lec2@mindspring.com for ordering information. The cost of the book is $10. A portion of the proceeds
go to sponsor a child for Sensory Integration therapy.      

by Pamela King Cable                   

Televenge is a detailed, expertly plotted  mystery/suspense/ romance novel; the gripping tale of a young woman, Andie Oliver, trying to keep faith in her handsome husband, Joe, and their marriage. As Joe spends more time with a local Televangelist, the Godfather in a Mafia of holy men, her faith is shaken and her suspicion of the Reverend Calvin Autry deepens. As this brilliantly paced novel unfolds, Andie is tested in every way a woman can be, until she decides to fight back! Evading ruthless adversaries who will go to any lengths to protect Reverend Artury, Andie confronts the very definition of sin, shaking the Christian evangelical world to its core.

Wildflowers: The First Story in the Orphan Train Trilogy [Book] WILDFLOWERS
by Robert Noonan                      



Wildflowers, first in the Orphan Train Trilogy, is a riveting tale that deftly portrays everyday life in a small American milltown and the abuse of child laborers at the end of the nineteenth century.


Eleven-year-old Hillary Cook and her widowed mother, Laura, must both work to survive. Hillary works twelve hours a day, six days a week at the Alton Textile Mill. On Sunday afternoons, she and her two friends pick flowers, dream and play pretend in the nearby countryside. The girls pledge to be friends for eternity and call themselves "wildflowers."


In this difficult world, innocent children are forced to operate dangerous machinery at the mill and even darker abuses are committed against them. Mill owner Frank Dragus has young girls sent to his office for whatever he pleases--and he is interested in Hillary. When tragedy befalls Hillary and her mother, Hillary is forced into a situation that may have disastrous consequences.


From busy factory floors and bustling portside pubs to tragedy, murder and intrigue, Wildflowers integrates the nostalgia of historical fiction with the wit of modern-day drama.

by Dr. John Lerma                  


Into the Light is a life-changing book of insight into life and what is on the other side of life. The information is given by angels to patients who are dying. They discuss life-lessons, the future, Jesus, and what awaits us on the other side - heaven.


LostSymbol.jpg THE LOST SYMBOL
by Dan Brown                       


Along with the basic story of revenge, Dan Brown's latest book is filled with historical information about Washington, D.C. and the spiritual men who designed it's buildings and monuments. It is also a story of hope for America with a new understanding emerging: Noetic Science, simply described as how thought affects our life and our world. I highly recommend the book. There are a few grisly scenes, but the main theme of the book and all the wonderful historical information make it a great read.



by J. D. Hylton

During the 1890s, the Midwest was a bustling thoroughfare of trade, commerce, expansion, and investment. Like the Northeast in its heyday, it was also fertile ground for con men.

A Mr. Charles O. Davies—perhaps an assumed name—arrived in Peru, Iowa in the mid-1890s to a hero's welcome. Appearing to be a wealthy financier, he bought the local bank and stood ready to invest in local businesses. A few short months later, Davies was convicted of robbing banks, forging checks, murder, and a host of other crimes. His alleged actions were front page news sensations in Iowa. The bank robberies and fraud caused grave economic impact on the region, and many wanted Davies to hang for these crimes alone. Which crimes, if any, Davies actually committed was never proved in court.

Davies evaded authorities for months after becoming a suspect. He was captured by bounty-hunters after a cross-country chase, then sent to jail in Iowa to await trial. With the help of fellow inmates, Davies escaped from jail the night before he was to be sent to the gallows. What were the true circumstances surrounding these crimes? Did Davies have any accomplices? What were his motives? Was he falsely accused? Author and former journalist J.D. Hylton crafts a compelling reconstruction of these events based on years of research. Many questions remain unanswered, and Hylton has skillfully blended fact with supposition to create an utterly believable drama.

SEARCHLITE STOP                                  
by J. D. Hylton

J.D. Hylton presents a hilarious look at coming of age and life in a small Iowa town. Hylton's homespun humor reminds me of Tom (We'll leave the light on for ya'!) Bodette. The story resolves enigmatic issues. For example, why do cows wear necklaces? What's the best defense against an attacking casket? What future does life hold if you can't be a midget? How can an Iowa town of 200 souls dispose of its dead whale? How can a croquet set and a suit of long winter underwear aid the attempt of three small children to bombard Madison County's courthouse with a Civil War cannon? And, why wait three days to invite a burglar to breakfast?

by Simon Brett  

Love all of Simon Brett's Fethering Mysteries! In Brett's charming ninth Fethering mystery (after 2007's Death Under the Dryer), retiree Carole Seddon must solve a murder at the local betting shop. Jude, Carole's West Sussex neighbor and friend, discovers the body of recent Polish émigré Tadeusz Jankowski at the bookie's office. No one knows why Tadeusz was in Fethering, though his sister, Zofia, guesses he may have been in love. Carole and Jude scope out the local college, where Tadeusz was reportedly seen, and encounter a drama professor lothario who falls for Jude. Help comes from unexpected places, as Carole discovers a new friend in one of the town's habitual gamblers as she and Jude scramble to unmask the killer. Brett continues to flesh out his characters with a subplot about Carole's desire to see her new granddaughter while avoiding her ex-husband. With Brett's usual flair for smalltown snobbery and a dash of college politics, this latest cozy whodunit is sure to please longtime fans of the series.

MURDER MAKES WAVES                                   
by Anne George

Those hilarious southern sisters, who prove that sibling rivalry never ends, are heading for a vacation at the beach. Mary Alice's flamboyant behavior aside, serious, sensible Patricia Anne looks forward to relaxing at her sister's beachfront condo in Destin, Florida, so she kisses her ever-loving spouse Fred goodbye, reminds him to water the plants and feed the dog, and the girls head south for some fun in the sun. Watching the sun go down on the beautiful shores of the Gulf of Mexico is a welcome respite for Patricia Anne is concerned...until a dead body washes up in the waves and the victim turns out to be one of Mary Alice's friends. With no witnesses to the crime except a few great blue herons, the sisters have no choice but to bypass the clueless police and follow their own instincts to find the killer. Before long they're on a murky trail of dirty real-estate deals, giant turtle habitats, and a sea of evidence pointing to a mammoth motive for murder.

DINNER WITH A PERFECT STRANGER                                  
by David Gregory

This is one of the most wonderful books that I've ever read--it touches the heart and soul!

Cynical but successful businessman Nick Cominsky faces a dilemma when he accepts an invitation to join Jesus of Nazareth for dinner at a local restaurant. Nick is convinced that his friends at work are pulling a prank. But the man sitting across from him appears to be quite serious, introducing Himself as “Jesus. My family called me Yeshua.”

Nick accepts his dinner companion’s suggestion to suspend his disbelief and “proceed as if I am Jesus.” What follows is a fascinating conversation that covers family relationships, world religions, and the afterlife, among other topics. Along the way, Nick confronts his own unfulfilled longings, spiritual uncertainties, and anger with God and he begins to wonder if the man across from him holds the answers to his deepest questions.

EVERY PROBLEM                                  

by Dr. Wayne T. Dyer

Dr. Dyer’s book deals with finding the solutions to our problems within ourselves – our spiritual selves. He gives examples of how negative thoughts can reduce our energy and strength levels. His all-encompassing book deals with spirituality, psychology, self-help, philosophy, religion, and health.

THE WRITER'S JOURNEY                         
by Christopher Vogler

This is the first book on writing that was recommended to me by my writing instructor, Jimmy Butler. It is a wonderful book that describes the elements and character types necessary for a good story.

SANCTUARY: THE PATH TO                     
by Stephen Lewis

Lewis’s book, recommended by Dr. Wayne Dyer, describes how balancing energy within the body can restore individuals to wellness. I love this book!

OF LIFE BETWEEN LIVES                        
by Michael Duff Newton

Newton, a hypnotherapist, shares therapy sessions with us where he has regressed clients to lives between lives. (I am neither endorsing nor ruling out reincarnation. I am keeping an open and curious mind.) The book is a mind-opening-and-expanding read!

TIME AND AGAIN                                         
by Jack Finney

Finney is a wonderful time travel storyteller. I am a firm believer in time travel. Just wish I knew how to do it!

ABOUT TIME                                                 
by Jack Finney

This book of short stories about time travel by Finney is delightful, especially if you are a time travel nut like me.




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