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First in the Franktown Young Adult Mystery Series!                            Read it now!  

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Twelve-year-old Jenny Anderson’s life is a wreck! Her brother, Austin, a freshman wide receiver at Colorado State University, has been accused of dealing drugs. No way!

With no one to help her find out who is setting up Austin, her golden retriever, Shiloh, leads her to a cave—one that she didn’t even know existed. Winding through the cave, Jenny finds herself ~100 years in the future...and she finds a magical old man there who offers to help.

But, before Jenny can prove her brother’s innocence, he’s arrested for assault and battery. If the victim dies, the charge will then be murder!

Who’s setting up Austin and why? Jenny has to find that out in a race against time and a race against those who want to stop her investigation dead in its tracks!

Finding Alan

The mystery of
Desk continues...

Sequel to The Desk              Read it now!  

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In Finding Alan, the long-awaited sequel to The Desk, Jeagan Christensen embarks on a quest with P.I. Roger Sanderlin to find Isabel Lloyd’s son, Alan, who was stolen from his mother at birth.

In a race against time and the failing health of Isabel, Jeagan tracks the actions of the kidnapper through the copy of a fifty-year-old document, which shows that the newborn was sold to a Seattle attorney. After all the years, there are still those who want to keep the son and heir apparent from being found for a myriad of reasons
¾reasons which Jeagan determines to discover.

As the search leads Jeagan from Memphis to Seattle to Victoria, BC, she suffers a vicious attack, receives dozens of blood-red roses with a threatening message, and is kidnapped herself. Will her sheer determination keep her safe while she attempts to free herself and once and for all unravel the 50-year-old mystery that will reunite the long-lost Alan with his family?


"this is one to read for sure."                      Ed Beall, author of The Skull of Bogan Rio

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Find yourself captivated by The Desk¾a story of bigotry, greed, kidnapping and murder. It begins in Denver, Colorado, 1994.  The story tracks the actions of a young woman who is wracked by haunting flashbacks of scenes from a murder she is convinced was committed in Memphis, Tennessee¾five decades in the past!



"A timeless tale of lovebetween a man and a woman, between family members, and for your fellow man..."

A powerful love story set in 1982 Cape Cod and World War II Germany....                                                             Read it now!  

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Agatha Windham has lost her mind! Surely. Otherwise she wouldn't have nightmares and ‘daymares’ centered around a small Jewess who is captured by German soldiers during World War II. Nor would she watch a German farmer step into her office out of a stained-glass window. Nor would she hear him request her help with food and medical supplies for Jewish refugees and history books to plan a liberation mission into Dachau Concentration Camp. After all, she lives in 1982 Cape Cod, and he just walked into her life from 1942 Germany.
The Other Side of Time is a love story that draws a grieving widow into a time-travel adventure. Forty years peel away when she finds herself in the middle of World War II where capture, terror, and war confront her, but also new love. Yet her return to life as a grandmother in 1982 is equally threatening when she is faced with former Nazis bent on silencing her before she can reveal their despicable secret: selling art objects confiscated from Jews during WWII.

Deal with both sides of time Agatha can and must while she decides where she wants to spend the rest of her life: as a library owner in her place in time or with her new love as a underground resistance worker in war-torn Germany. But, before she can decide, Agatha’s decision is cruelly snatched from her, and she must find a way to get back to the man she loves on the OTHER SIDE of time.

"A mystery with a message..."

First in the Highlands Ranch Mystery Series!                                                                                Read it now!                                                     Check out the review in the November 2009 issue of Colorado Country Living Magazine: Review

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New Pictures of an Old Murder is the first novel in the Highlands Ranch Mystery Series featuring amateur-sleuth Val Atwell, who has a nearly-always-absent husband—often away building homes with Habitat for Humanity and former President Jimmy Carter; five children; two mares named Burt and Ernie; a golden retriever named George; an old ranch house in the heart of Highlands Ranch, Colorado that needs much updating; and an Erma Bombeck sense of humor.

Val is plunged into a mystery when film found at the site of her sister’s fatal car crash is developed and pictures of what look like murder appear on the prints.  Val, of course, investigates, and the clues lead to a monied member of Val’s husband’s congregation.  When Val confronts the man, she is chastised by holier-than-thou church members, but she sticks to her mission and forges ahead nonetheless to find out how the pictures relate to her sister’s death.

During this time of turmoil, Val also works with her teenage son who is teased and bullied at school because he is the son of a minister.  She guides him away from fighting and into building his self-esteem and self-worth by working to excel in something that he loves. 

But before long, Val’s amateurish, pesky, not-so-subtle investigation launches her directly into the path of a killer—a killer who thinks nothing of another murder, Rocky Mountain style!



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