Night Visitor



The subject of time will always be a preoccupation with mankind.  Terms like the best of times, worst of times, beginning of time, end of time, and many other references to time are recorded in the Bible.  Popular song lyrics in the 1970s that asked the question “Does anyone really know what time it is?” have deep spiritual implications.  Solomon, in the biblical Book of Ecclesiastes, Chapter 3, King James Version, expounds on the importance of time for man. He says, in part, “…there is a time to every purpose under the heaven.”

Our heavenly Father is timeless, yet He seems to have placed man firmly into a timetable. This timetable, for obvious reasons, is very important to man.  Most importantly man’s physical life on earth seems to afford him time to accept Jesus as his Savior and Lord.  After the time of physical death, it appears to be too late to accept the grace of a loving God.

God’s timing is always perfect and He does nothing without revealing it to His family first. Throughout His word, God appeared in visions, dreams, and visitations at the divinely ordained times.  He does not change and continues speaking through the same means.

Today, we do have a great advantage; we have an advocate, Lord Jesus, and we have the comforter, interpreter, and teacher in the Holy Spirit living inside us.

It is in this light that I share a visitation that I had in the year 2000 that changed my life forever.

My wife and I were living in Winston-Salem, NC, in an older home in the historic section of downtown. We were sleeping soundly and suddenly, I was awakened about 2:00 A.M. by a voice calling my name.  As I awoke, I thought I must have been dreaming and only imagined someone had called me.  I looked over to see that my wife was still asleep.

Suddenly, there was a faint glow on and around the bedroom door leading into the hall.  As I lay watching, the glow became increasingly brighter and brighter. It had an appearance likened to a piece of white copy paper over the end of a bright flashlight. I lay there in bewilderment trying to imagine what was happening.  Was it a fire? The door and surrounding wall grew brighter and brighter.  I was astounded but could not move or scream out.

At the peak of brightness, suddenly a white-robed being stepped through the closed door of our bedroom without it being physically opened.  The huge man-like being paused a moment, and then another similar being stepped through the wall by the door.

These two beings I knew to be angels. They were truly magnificent in their appearance and clothed in what appeared to be a combination of sheer cloth material and brilliant white light.  Each had a glowing appearance likened to looking into a large fluorescent bulb, only brighter.  Each angel appeared to be around seven to eight feet in stature and simply perfectly created in their appearance.

Once inside the room, the two angels paused and stood side by side and then walked toward the foot of the bed where I lay.  I was so startled I could neither speak nor move, although I was able to quickly glance over at my wife who I disappointedly saw was still sound asleep.

At this point, I became scared as I watched these awesome creatures approach the bed.  I’m sure they must have felt my fear because as they stared at me, they communicated mind-to-mind that no harm would come to us. At once, I felt tremendous peace.

The angels stopped and stood at the foot of the bed as if waiting for instructions on what to do next.  After several long minutes, each of the angels extended a hand and clasped one of my hands in theirs.

 Effortlessly, these powerful beings pulled me out of the bed, and I was instantly standing in the middle of the large bedroom with my small hands firmly but gently held in theirs.

 The angel holding my right hand spoke out loud as he stared into my eyes with his piercing gaze. He uttered, “It is time!”

After this message, my hands were released.  The two angels did a military turn and walked side by side toward the door. I expected to see them leave through the unopened door and wall as they had entered. But to my astonishment, one of the angels opened the door and stooped over. Then, both angels walked out of the opened door and left it open. Again, through speechless communication, they told me that I was to follow at another time. 

The angels walked down the hall, which I felt was symbolic of our life’s journey or path, and then they disappeared.

  I was so excited by this time, I turned hoping my wife had been a witness to this, but she was still asleep.

Up to this point in my life, especially in early adulthood, I had often been compared to a cross somewhere between Jonah and the prodigal son. I had squandered my blessings on worldly goods, and I had run from the plans and purposes God had created me for.

This angelic visitation was truly a wake-up call. There was no mistaking the message: There is truly a time for every purpose under the heavens.

God has spoken to me many times in dreams and visions since that time and continues to teach me about the purpose of this visitation. He is no respecter of persons.

He has a timetable for you. Seek and you shall find. Ask and it will be given unto you.

It is Time!


John Grinder







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