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Uplifting stories of real-life experiences with angels and spirits

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Have you ever had something happen that you couldn’t explain? Something so wonderful you wanted to share it with the whole world but were afraid no one would believe you?

This book is a collection of such incidents. These are stories—from across the U.S. and several foreign countries—of angel visits, near-death experiences, angel warfare, unexplained rescues, messages from the other side, appearances of departed loved ones, help from unlikely earth angels, and visits from God and Jesus in a time of need.

I hope you will enjoy these stories. I pray they will give you hope and assurance that God’s angels are watching over you. When you need help, all you have to do is pray. God will hear you.

And, I hope the next time something truly wonderful and unexplainable happens to you, you will not dismiss it as mere chance or coincidence but an expression of God’s love for you.

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First in the Franktown Young Adult Mystery Series

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Twelve-year-old Jenny Anderson’s life is a wreck! Her brother, Austin—a freshman wide receiver at Colorado State University—has been accused of dealing drugs. No way! Jenny knows he’s innocent, but somehow she has to prove that, especially when Austin and their parents are leaving Austin's fate in the hands of the family attorney, who claims that he’ll take care of everything. Hardly!

With no one to help her solve the mystery of who set up her brother, her golden retriever, Shiloh, leads her to a cave—one that she didn’t even know existed—on the sixty forested acres behind their Franktown home.  

They wind their way through the cave, which is filled with living breathing soil, sparkling walls and a waterfall. When they exit the other end, they find themselves almost 100 years in the future—a future filled with endlessly fascinating innovations and gadgets, as well as violent weather and terrifying creatures. There they also encounter an old man, Matthew Lucius George Frederick Cameron, the Third—better known as George. Using George’s inventions, such as truth medallions, comfort rocks and hush mints, they search for a way to clear Austin’s name. 

But, before Jenny can prove her brother’s innocence, he’s arrested for assault and battery. If the victim dies, the charge will be murder! Who's setting up Austin and why? Jenny has to find that out in a race against time—and a race against those who want to stop Jenny’s investigation dead in its tracks!

Finding Alan

The long-awaited sequel to The Desk

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Finding Alan, the long-awaited sequel to The Desk, continues where The Desk left off. Jeagan Christensen, having solved the mystery of the 50-year-old murder that was committed in Memphis's Court Square Park, now begins a second journey of discovery. This time she and her P.I. partner, Roger Sanderlin, are commissioned to find Isabel's son¾who was stolen the day he was born and sold to a Seattle attorney.

In a race against time and the failing health of Isabel, Jeagan tracks the actions of the kidnapper through the copy of a fifty-year-old document, which shows that the newborn was sold to a Seattle attorney. After all the years, there are still those who want to keep the son and heir apparent from being found for a myriad of reasons¾reasons which Jeagan determines to discover.

As the search leads Jeagan from Memphis to Seattle to Victoria, BC, she suffers a vicious attack, receives dozens of blood-red roses with a threatening message, and is kidnapped herself. Will her sheer determination keep her safe while she attempts to free herself and once and for all unravel the 50-year-old mystery that will reunite the long-lost Alan with his family?


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A Fifty-Year-Old Memphis Murder that Refuses to Remain Covered Up!

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The Desk¾a story of bigotry, greed, kidnapping, and murder¾begins in Denver, Colorado, 1994.  The story tracks the actions of a young woman who is wracked by haunting flashbacks of scenes from a murder that she is convinced was committed in Memphis, Tennessee¾five decades in the past.

Jeagan Christensen is an accomplished and successful technical writer in the Denver Tech Center.  Her strong sense of self-confidence is shattered and her sanity comes into question when she experiences fleeting and fragmentary visions of a murder committed in 1944 in Memphis’s Court Square Park. The visions come to her when she is seated at an old-fashioned

writing desk that she bought in a Denver antique shop. Successive visions reveal a telling story of a distraught and lovelorn young girl, the daughter of a self-righteous, domineering businessman who is set on preventing his daughter from marrying her lover. It is the girl’s lover, a young naval officer and the son of an Arkansas farmer, whom Jeagan envisions as murdered by the girl’s father. 

Unable to eat or sleep, Jeagan knows she must learn the truth.  Her self-absorbed, widowed father and her manipulative fiancé believe she is simply overworked and imagining her visions.  They insist she stop her silly nonsense and return the desk to the antique store.  Jeagan refuses.  She suspects the desk came from a room in the hotel where the young girl stayed with her family at the time of the murder
the historic and elegant Peabody Hotel.  Determined to learn the truth, Jeagan takes a leave of absence from her job, rushes to Memphis, and checks into the Peabody. As she peels back the layers of mystery surrounding the murder, she encounters those involved in the cover-up who intend to keep their dark secrets buried in the closet—next to the skeletons.

Murder and Mayhem in Highlands Ranch, Colorado                                                
Check out the review in the November 2009 issue of Colorado Country Living Magazine:

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New Pictures of an Old Murder
is the first novel in a series of Highlands Ranch, Colorado mysteries featuring amateur- sleuth Val Atwell, the wife of a minister, who is usually away building homes with Habitat for Humanity and former President Jimmy Carter. Besides her always-absent husband, Val has five children, two mares named Burt and Ernie, and a golden retriever named George.

To add to this, Val inherited an old ranch house¾in need of much updating¾and an Erma Bombeck sense of humor. Her morning starts much as any other in the waning days of a Colorado summer when Lindsey, her teenaged daughter, finds the camera that belonged to Val’s dead sister. The camera brings back all the anguish of Val's sister’s death in a fiery automobile accident three years earlier.

Lindsey discovers a mud-caked roll of film along with the camera. When the film is developed, scenes of what appear to be a murder unfold at a construction site in fast-growing Highlands Ranch. Val¾curious and concerned¾investigates. Her investigation soon alienates her family, her husband and his congregation, and everyone else except an elderly friend who lives in an upscale nursing home.

Determined to find out if a murder actually occurred three years earlier and if her sister’s death was linked to it, Val presses on to find out the truth.  The truth does not always set you free, as Val soon discovers. Sometimes it can get you killed!

A Love Story that Spans Four Decades


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When Agatha Windham, a recently widowed, 60-year-old librarian, buys a stained-glass window at an auction in Boston, her quiet life takes a twist for the worst...and for the better. Her research into the history of the centuries-old window immediately puts her life in jeopardy.  The reason, the criminal elements who brought the stolen window into the country believe she knows about their smuggling operation...and want to eliminate her.

But, before they can find her, Agatha stumbles onto the time-travel powers of the window and astonishingly finds herself in 1942 Nazi Germany. She soon realizes that not only has she traveled through time, but the years have faded away and she is once again a young and beautiful woman. In the midst of World War II, she meets and falls in love with a young minister¾part of an underground resistance group¾who is planning a daring mission to free prisoners from Dachau Concentration Camp. To help him, Agatha returns to 1982 Cape Cod to gather historical information on the war and much-needed food and medical supplies for the minister and Jewish refugees.

Now Agatha is faced with a tough decision, stay in 1982 Cape Cod with her family¾ and the men who want to kill her¾or return to Nazi Germany and the man she loves to help him with his noble plan. 



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